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The primary function of a strapping machine is to keep boxes, packages, and bundles tightly together. There are different types of strapping machines. Some of which are manual whereas others are automatic. Ideally, strapping machines are loaded with a strap that is dispensed when banding or packaging. Ideally, the primary objective of strapping these products is to ensure they are safe and compact when it transit or when in the storage facility.

Who needs a strapping machine?

A strapping machine is more of a necessity in the szDaSDccsZccurrent world. Back to the question of who needsĀ a strapping machine, strapping machines are much needed by anyone in the manufacturing, transport, and shipping industry. For instance, industries producing steel rolls need to invest in strapping machines to ensure everything is safe. On the other hand, those in commercial printing, postal fields, and general packing also need banding machines. The only disparity is that different industries have different strapping needs.

Types of strapping machines

There are different types of strapping machines. As expected, a strapping machine used in the steel industry should be entirely different from the one used in magazine printing. Well, the models in the market can be classified regarding volume and automation features. Here, you expect low, medium and high volume machines. On the other hand, there are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic banding equipments.

Choosing a strapping machine

Ideally, the volume and the nature of the commodity being handled are the chief determinants when it comes to selecting a strapping machine. As such, a small organization might be okay with a semi-automatic and low volume mode. A medium company can have an automated and medium volume machines. If you have real prospects for growth in the near future, it is economical to buy a machine that offers much more than you require at the moment.

aSdxASASdcAThe strapping itself can be made from different materials. It could be steel, polyester, polypropylene or any other material. As such, when exploring your options, you should look at variables like tensile strength, how the strap retains tension, and the cost. You should also look at the size of the strap as well.

The type of strapping machines and models vary from company to company. As such, you need to know what you need before you start shopping for a strapping machine. You can either go for a hand-held device or heavy duty machine. For convenience, you only need to buy what is right for you.

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