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An e-commerce platform has very many uses. It can be utilized as an advertisement site. Can also be used as a site for selling too many businesses, individuals, etc. In some instances, the site is all about product awareness and product knowledge.

Below are some of the services offered by Ecommerce;

Consumer to consumer (C2C)

gfgfgfgfgfgfAuction sites benefit the most from consumer to consumer e-commerce. Consumers get information on the binding of goods and services. The products and services are listed on the website. The users see what fellow customers have to offer and place prices on the items on the site. The owner of the site benefits by charging the transaction fees on the service provided by letting the consumers trade on his site.

Business to employee (B2E):

Business to employees is also referred to as intranet services. The business to employees’ website is created solely for the employees so that they can be able to say abreast with the developments in the firm. The website can also be shared by other external users so that they can know the evolution of the business. It is fundamental to taking into consideration that for external purposes the site shall be restricted to only particular sections to avoid abuse of the website by malicious external parties.

Business to business (B2B)

Business to business e-commerce is also famously referred to as electronic data interchange. This is services or products that one company can offer another business through the internet. Through the firm to the corporate mode of communication among business comes the traditional outsourcing service that businesses cannot do without. Business to business communication has brought about a lot of god to the general economy. Businesses can now perform beyond their expectations and targets. If one service is required in an industry and the quality of the firm cannot provide then outsourcing is taken up. To ensure that the service is provided. The two business electronically pass information to one another without fail. This type of business model is very popular in today’s world and sums up about ninety-seven percent of business out there.

Business to consumer (B2C)

hghghghghghghThe business to consumer model has become popular today as it cuts the business costs as general marketing is done on the internet. The client is allowed to aces the business website and get all the required information on the products and services. The customer can even purchase through the internet.

Consumer to business: (C2B)

This is from the consumer where the consumer communicates what his/her preferences are on the web and the company delivers as required.

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