Increase Your Property Value With A Marble Countertop

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To stay competitive in the property market, you need good marble suppliers. This is due to the fact that an elegant looking marble countertop is a great way to increase a property’s value.

However, marble can be an expensive addition to a residential dwelling. To ensure you are getting the maximum return on your investment, you need to make sure you are getting the right material and the right cut.

sin81What Type of Marble Works Best

Not only is marble one of the most durable and resilient countertop materials available, it also comes in almost any colour you can think of. This includes reds, golds, greens, and even black. However, there is one type of marble that has been used in buildings for over a thousand years: white marble.

White marble is the most popular marble used in London homes. This is because it always gleams with an elegant finish, and can match any interior design scheme. Whether you are installing a countertop in the bathroom or kitchen, white marble will definitely give your property’s value an edge.

Those of you, however, who don’t have the time to maintain a perfectly clean countertop around the clock, may wish to consider a darker marble for your countertop. Spills from drinks, sauces, and food, are going to appear more noticeable on white marble than black.

How to Choose A Marble Supplier

One of the biggest skills you want your marble supplier to have is an eye for slab selection. Not all marble slabs are created equal, and the way the veins and seams fall can greatly affect the overall pattern of the slab when cut.

Another skill your marble supplier should have is knowing where and how to cut a slab. An individual slab may require a special cut to produce the greatest aesthetic effect.

Cross-cutting marble slabs will result in patterns that are “flowering” in nature, whereas a vein cut will result in your countertop having striped patterns running across it.

knais8What Countertop Design Works Best

There is a reason why marble has been used in architecture and art since ancient times – it’s just so easy to work with. For this reason, any possible countertop design that you can think of will work well with marble.

Whether you are going for a straight lane perimeter, island, “L” shape, or even a compact corner countertop, marble can effectively be cut to fit your individual kitchen or bathroom requirements.

A marble countertop can give your property that final touch that adds value far surpassing its cost when the time comes to sell. Just make sure you are getting good quality material from experienced marble suppliers London.

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