How to improve your sleep at night

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When we finish our day, the only thing we look forward to is to jump into bed and doze off to dreamland. However, there are many situations that find us waking up with a neck or back pain or even a headache. Many of us may wake up feeling tired too. In this article, we will take a look at a few simple ways to get a good night’s sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Do not eat after seven

The digestive system requires at least six to eight hours to completely process a meal. If you eat a heavy meal and go to bed, your body will still be working, and therefore, it will not be able to slow down. Always, eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed.

If you have no choice but to have a late meal, we suggest that you take a short walk for about ten mins to increase your body’s metabolism so that it can digest your food faster.

Get the right bed

Most of us simply want our bed an pillow to be soft. Your mattress must provide your body adequate support as should your pillow. They must work together to align the neck and spine. You can find specific pillows that are designed to offer support to people who sleep in various positions. So for example, if you sleep on your side or stomach, there is a pillow that is designed for that position.

Drink warm milkbgfvdcsxz

A glass of warm milk especially almond milk before bed has been known to promote good sleep. Milk has a calming effect on the body and will help you fall asleep much faster too.

Your room

Make sure your bedroom has fresh air. It is best always to open your windows during the day so that fresh air can replace the old air. In case you do not have windows, your air conditioner must be at a moderate temperature. Try to use an air purifier too so that the air in your room stays clean. When stale air keeps circulating, any germs and organism can start to build, and the oxygen concentration in the room can reduce.

Switch off the lights

Many people leave a night light on when they go to bed. It may be that they are afraid of the dark; however, this will subconsciously keep you awake and not allow you to fall into a deep sleep. Try to switch off the lights so that your body can slow down and rest.

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