How Smartphones Have Changed our Lives

David Lacroix"> David Lacroix 02 Mar, 2017 Communication

Do you use a smartphone? I am sure You would say yes to this questions. If you say no, then you are lying, or you have just discovered the internet and technology.

For most people, they would be reading this article on a smartphone as many now rely on one to communicate, shopSmartphones 01 online, play games and browse the internet. Smartphones are also replacing the need to have a camera as many of the latest models boast very good picture and video quality. Some use the smartphone as The Dairy for keeping track of events and noting down special occasions. Not to mention writing down thoughts and ideas they will have.

A smartphone is always with you. In the past people usually wait for the morning newspaper to read the news. But now everyone simply wakes you to the alarm on their phone and looks at it to learn about the most recent happening in their country or around the world.

Smartphones are one thing people never leave home without. Let us list a few of the innovations available in smartphones.

1. The Basic functions are calling and sending SMS
2. You can Browse the Internet
3. Send and Recieve Emails
4. Send and Recieve Instant Messages
5. Video Calls
6. Taking Pictures and Videos
7. You can Listen to music and recording audio
8. Set the Alarm
9. Use the calendar to record events and meetings and remind you
10. Play Games

Smartphones 02There are many more features on smartphones these days and the list just keeps getting longer. Technology is advancing so fast that the smartphones are becoming as powerful as a laptop computer. They are revolutionizing the way we live and communicate.

The more recent smartphones allow you to navigate by showing you traffic information and turn by turn directions for reaching your destination. Smartphones have become a part of life and without them people would be lost for words literarily.

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